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Our customers love us not because we dry your hair the fastest (that's not our goal).They LOVE us because we Pamper both you and your hair beyond compare. 

Amy Barseghian - LifeStyle TravelingMom


I take my Wrapadoo on all of my travels and simply wrap my hair up while I am putting my make up on and getting other things ready.  It’s the same as I would do with a regular bath towel except the Wrapadoo is designed to soak up the moisture saving me about five to seven minutes of drying time each time I use it.  With travel adventures to be had, I appreciate the time savings of my Wrapadoo each and every time and always share it as a travel tip.

Modern Salon


“The inclusion of Wrapadoo not only allowed our stylists to serve clients with incredible luxury and exclusivity but, we have simultaneously increased both our revenue stream and our brand exposure through the customer at-home experience credited to our private label agreement, allowing us to retail Wrapadoo with our logo embroidered on every unit that goes out the door,” says Betts.

The Bucket List Mom


There's an alternative to wrapping a big towel around your head after bathing or swimming -Wrapadoo!  Wrapadoo is an ingenious hair wrap that actually stays in place after wrapping wet hair, and looks stylish!



I purchased my Wrapadoo with high expectations and honestly it does not disappoint. At first I was a little concerned because the Velcro would snag the terry cloth but after snipping at the snags and many washings later, it works perfectly. I actually think it keeps getting better, snipped snags and all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


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Feels very soft and comfortable. I don't mind that it's bulkier than other turbans because it's actually more substantial and enjoyable to wear. This was a Mothers Day gift that I can honestly say was my most favorite gift.



I've used other hair drying towels, but this one is on a whole other level. The materials are first class, and it simply does a fantastic job at drying my hair. It really does a top to bottom pre-dry, so that blowouts are a breeze! I love that I have less frizziness to deal with after using this towel.

Michele M.

Seattle, WA

I have been using my Wrapadoo on a daily basis for two years and it's as good as new. Worth every penny! Stopped wasting money on products that didn't work or didn't last, bought a second one to pack in my gym bag. My hair has grown stronger and longer because I no longer twist and break the ends, no tangles, easy comb-out, it's been a dream product.



If I'm not wearing my Wrapadoo, my teenage daughter is! I have very curly hair and don't have to wash it everyday so my Wrapadoo keep my curls from becoming frizzy in the shower. Love it!



I bought a Wrapadoo for my daughter two years ago...she has insanely long and thick hair!! I had previously purchased the "turbie twist' and it simply didn't stand up to the weight of her wet hair. The wrapadoo has been great for her...it stands up, I have washed it a ton and it still looks great and is still absorbent. Bought her a second one for law school. Great stuff and congrats on making such a good product.

Suzanne S.

New Albany, OH

Got tired of replacing my other caps and turbans, always looking like a "cafeteria lady". Replaced them all with a soft, comfortable Wrapadoo. Which actually allows my "blow out" to last longer. Hair remains smooth and shinny since the Wrapadoo decreases natural humidity, steam and moisture that would effect my hair, causing it to frizz. Thank you Wrapadoo!



100% worth every penny! Every girl should have a Wrapadoo, it's that special.

Erica T.

Corona del Mar, CA

I absolutely LOVE my Wrapadoo! I use mine daily and have for years (still looks the same). My daughter who is 6 loves her Wrapadoo as much as I do. It makes the experience of drying our hair so much easier and absolutely more hip!



It's really dreamy to wear, like nothing else I've ever tried. 

It doesn't really dry my hair faster (because I have a ton of hair) but, my hair seems healthier, far less tangling. Because there's less tangling, there's less breakage. There really is something to be said about not flipping your hair to rub and twist in a towel. Just Wrapadoo and be done!



I bought my Wrapadoo a year ago and for the first time in my life, my fine blonde hair has volume and is healthy - all because of my Wrapadoo! 

Dianne W.

Los Angeles, CA

...The thing that makes your product so unique is the ease of use, no risk of injury from tossing my head back to wrap like a towel. I love the fabric and the fit. Thank you Cynthia for bringing happiness to all of us ladies....mothers, daughters, friends...it has literally changed the way we live our everyday lives, it's genius!



I got my Wrapadoo a year ago and have to say that it has been a life saver for my hair and my time getting ready in the AM. I have pretty long hair and all the other types of hairwraps were just not big enough for me (besides the fact that they fell apart easily after several washing). Also I used to wrap my hair in a towel but it was so heavy on my head although it covered my hair. Now I use my wrapadoo everyday (when I don't wash my hair I still put it in the wrapadoo when I take my shower).

After a year, my wrapadoo is still in great condition. It is worth every penny! I highly recommend it and order another for a bridal shower gift.

Elyssa F

Corona del Mar, CA

Brought our Wrapadoos (yes, we have more than one!) with us to Scottsdale, can't leave home without them!

Dani M.

Annapolis, VA

Wrapadoo has definitely helped with the drying and styling of my thick hair because I do not need to re-wet the parts of my hair that dry too fast as with other towel products. I absolutely LOVE my Wrapadoo, use it every day and frequently give them as gifts. It’s very practical, luxurious and so much better than continuing to re-wrap a heavy towel or flimsy turban. Thanks again for the great customer service, you really seem to understand and care about your customers.

Jori M.

Irvine, CA

I love my Wrapadoo, use it everyday!



I actually have two Wrapadoo's one for home and one in my suitcase for travel. I bought a black and ivory one because it goes with everything. I keep buying them because every time one of my girlfriends see the Wrapadoo they want one. I hardly dry my hair anymore. The Wrapadoo allows it dry so much faster and its so much better for my hair. I also use it to put my makeup on and often wear it the jacuzzi. I'm a true fan and love how beautiful and functional it for me and my hectic lifestyle. I could go on and on....love it!!

Connie D.

Southern CA

Absolutely Fabulous! My daughter and I love your products.

Cindy L.

Ladera Ranch, CA

My Daughter is in love with her Wrapadoo! It's so soft and comfy, sometimes I find her sleeping in it!

Amy T.

Southern CA

My girls swim everyday and when they get out of the pool, they put their Wrapadoo's on.   It’s the reason I bought the first one for my eldest, years ago!  She has long, beautiful, thick hair and it would drip all over her clothes after swim lessons. I use Wrapadoo to keep that from happening after they get out of the pool!! Works like a charm! I love them!! I think your business is fantastic, your products are to die for and the service, well, outstanding!!

Kevin K.

Salon Owner

Wrapadoo sales have been great! Our stylists bought half your inventory, our clients bought the other half!


Day Spa owner

I was just given your beautiful wrap and I absolutely love it and know our clients would too! We have spas in Manhattan Beach and Lake Tahoe, California. We’ve been open since 1999 and have been fortunate to receive Best Spa in LA from Allure, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Bazaar, Angeleno Magazine and Fox Good Day LA to name a few. Would love to carry your products in our Spas. Thank you!

Hiroe S.

Garden Grove, CA

My daughter Loves her Wrapadoo because her hair doesn't get her clothes wet. Mommy loves it because I don't need to wrap a big towel on her little head.

Leann S.

Newport Beach, CA

A wonderful, lovely person gave me a Wrapadoo that brought me great comfort during my treatment for Breast Cancer. After losing all my hair, my bald head was super sensitive, and I was just as sensitive about people seeing me. When I put the Wrapadoo on and looked at my reflection in the mirror, it made me smile! The Wrapadoo was so cute, lady like and felt so nice on my newly exposed skin, it made me feel HEALTHY! The way the Wrapadoo would wear left me with a better sense of being than any hat, scarf or wig. When you wear the Wrapadoo you forget the feeling of your hair being gone; its a very relaxing, calm feeling of well-being.

The Wrapadoo made my battle with Breast Cancer a little easier! I love, love, love my Wrapadoo!


Peachtree City, GA

I have 3 daughters, they all LOVE their Wrapadoo. Thank you!

Ann F.

Bucks County, PA

LOVE Wrapadoo! my daughter has long, thick hair. It works beautifully

Ellen T.

Corona del Mar, CA

I received a Wrapadoo as a gift from a friend who knew I was going thru chemotherapy. She knew I would be losing my hair, and thought the Wrapadoo might just be the answer to cheer me up. She was 100% right, I LOVE WEARING MY WRAPADOO, both at home and out in public!!!!

The Wrapadoo keeps my head warm and my heart happy!!! I feel so pretty and confident when I have it on. I have been wearing my Wrapadoo for 5 months now, and I just love it!! My husband and friends think I look very glamorous and so do I!!! I even bought 2 more, so I could have several colors to go with my mood.

I just want to thank you for inventing such a wonderful product!! I now give them as gifts for every Birthday, Mothers Day or a simple hostess and Thank you gift.

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