Founder Cynthia Saito

A Mom’s Story

Having a child changes your life. Having a daughter changed everything.
Wrapadoo™ Founder and Creator Cynthia Saito discovered early that necessity is the mother of invention, and that being a Mom necessitates creative solutions to everyday challenges. By the time daughter Zoe was four years old, managing her long, beautiful hair became a labor of love; especially when it was wet. After swimming or shampooing, the awkward forward head flip required to towel wrap her hair became a messy, clumsy and ineffective wet hair ritual. Towel drying left tangles and breakage. (And towels never stayed on anyway.) But left to dry on its own, Zoe’s dripping hair would soak her pajamas and pillow. Other moms agreed as they too shared a unanimous sorority of motherhood, in which the battle of washing their daughters’ hair brought about frustration, anxiety and futility.

Drawing from that well of determination that all Moms seem to possess, Cynthia became inspired to solve that challenge that girls of all ages face…Wet Hair. Although accomplished in Professional Sports, Entertainment Management, Designer Brands, Sales and Marketing, Cynthia had never sewn a stitch in her life; But, Moms figure things out. So, she took a sewing class, bought a machine, and started sketching and sewing. Her career successes were built on relationships with luxury designers, artisans and retailers, so quality was top priority. Influenced by her travels to Europe, making something aesthetically pleasing with tactile details, was imperative. The disciplines learned early as a professional figure skater kept her sewing and sketching until she got it just right. Built on a belief that Moms’ can make anything possible and a determination to help make other Womens’ lives just a little bit easier and a little bit more glamorous, we offer you Wrapadoo!

What’s Next?
Wrapadoo™ is developing thoughtful lines of Luxury, Home, Spa and Beauty items; each designed to soothe and pamper women of all ages. We remain committed to causes that improve the quality of life for Women and Children. We will always strive to make life feel a little more Serene and Glamorous each and every Wrapadoo™ day.

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