About Wrapadoo

What is a Wrapadoo™?

Once you try a Wrapadoo, Nothing else will doo!

The first time you experience your Comfy, Cozy Wrapadoo™, an ordinary towel will feel downright rough and primitive. Wrapadoo™ is a Plush, long-lasting, Luxurious hair towel for women and girls of all hair types. Wrapadoo is the first and only luxury hair towel that is great looking, serene feeling, and a practical answer to managing wet or dry hair.

Simply Place it on your head (like a hoodie or hat!), stick the Velcro behind your neck, twist the tail (or not!), pull the tail up and Loop the little “jewel” to secure. The Snug and Cozy fit sets you free for multi-tasking, decadent lounging or any of those other girly things we need to do (like make beds and pack lunches). Women Love the Wrapadoo™ experience because it:

  • Goes On Straight, no need to flip your hair forward!
  • NO hair twisting required!
  • Secure Velcro fit for your head, your hair, your needs.
  • Prevents Tangles, Stress and Breakage.
  • Perfect for curly, ethnic or artificial hair.
  • Preserves and Promotes Natural Shine and Bounce.
  • Adds Warmth to your DIY hair masque, conditioning treatment or those chilly Winter mornings.
  • Protects from frizz, humidity and moisture when relaxing in the tub or a quick jump in the shower.
  • Affordable luxury. Wrapadoo will last well over 100 machine washings, no need to waste another dime to replace yet another flimsy turban.
  • Packs light (only 6oz). Perfect for that romantic getaway or day at the gym.
  • Premium moisture balance for enhanced, consistent product application.
  • Looks Glamorous, Feels Fabulous!
  • Made in the USA!

For an instant “Day-at-the-Spa” feeling nothing will doo, like a Wrapadoo™!

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